Ombrex Group is a highly professional, global team of dedicated security experts, geo-strategists, and tactical specialists. We provide 24/7 global security solutions and executive support for businesses, delegations, Royalties, Governments, NGO's and VIP's. Our professionals are well equipped with the latest technologies, knowledge, and skills to suppress any kind of threat. We are ready to serve regardless the complexity, distance, or duration of the assignment.
Our mission is to mitigate risks and protect every aspect of your business, ensure the safety of your private life, facilitate your global travels, and secure your data and assets. We plan in detail, mitigate the unforeseen and execute decisively. Ombrex Group strives for perfection in the provision of all services


Ombrex Group maintains an extensive network of global and local strategic alliances to ensure rapid and efficient responses to risk mitigation. Our worldwide network of private security, law enforcement, security specialists, IT experts, intelligence and crisis experts  provide maximum security for our clients and their businesses anywhere in the world  at any time.


Ombrex Group consist of the best minds in the industry, allowing us to adapt to any risk or challenge in complex and changing environments – rapidly, decisively, efficiently, securely.



We execute all our operations with full discretion and in a manner that fulfills the elite standards in which our professionals were trained to operate. We analyze and evaluate our data methodologically to recognize threats, mitigate risks and provide a plan of action. Our  operational planning assures high degrees of adaptability, awareness, and fulfillment of our client’s customized needs.

Security solutions and Executive support


Ombrex Group offers a broad range of different security and protection services, executive support, intelligence, investigation, cybersecurity and recruitment services. With years of field experience, we guarantee you a global network of discrete professionals ready to fulfill your needs and to protect your business and your interests 24/7.


In a world in which small incidents may have life- and business-threatening consequences, Ombrex Group provides highly skilled expertise and knowledge striving for the ultimate perfection in the provision of our services. We provide our services discretely, fine-tuned between the highest standards of ability, accuracy and devotion to our clients. We work closely with trustworthy partners to adapt to any risk or challenge, in any level of complexity and changing environments – rapidly, decisively, efficiently and securely.



Ombrex Group is a network of a globally and locally well-coordinated team of specialized individuals of different nationalities and from different backgrounds, recruited through high merit of knowledge, skills and expertise. Ombrex Group is managed by Mel and Björn who have more than 35 years of experience combined in the security industry, working for government agencies or in the private sector and serving many celebrities, politicians and dignitaries. Ombrex Group exclusively works with the very best professionals in every field to provide the highest standards of security and risk analysis and mitigation services. Our carefully selected and trustful partners are former military and law enforcement professionals, private security specialists, business consultants with a specialization in geo-politics, cyber security professionals and intelligence experts.



Time is money and quality is a habit, but your security and the security of your loved ones and employees is the most important.


Ombrex Group offers tailormade close protection services executed by well-trained and highly skilled agents guaranteeing a fine balance between safety, presence and respecting your privacy. We only deploy well-trained, disciplined and committed agents with different specializations and backgrounds particular for the specific client requirements and assignment profiles. All our agents have years of experience serving as ex-forces, medics, security specialist and/or investigators who are physically and mentally fit and skilled with department specific tradecraft. Our professionals are multilingual, discrete and sharp. Among many, few are knownin our field as authentic professionals nevertheless Ombrex Group carries out mandatory background checks to all our associates.


As an executive travelling in foreign lands or even in your own hometown, your position exposes you to multitude potential and unforeseen risks and life-threatening events in your way to work and in your household.

We guide your journey and daily operation from any point to your destination by planning in details the unthinkable, so you can focus on your business in complete confidence. We can provide you with a armored car, a helicopter from JFK to the Hamptons or facilitate your vacation in Venice while our in-house PA takes care organizing your agenda.

Our estate protection services provide well-trained teams of residential security officers to safeguard your assets. We operate K9 Security, entrance control or surveilling using the latest security and surveilling technologies.


Ombrex Group work together with their Swiss advisory partner offering strategic services including in-depth planning and risk mitigation that are based on acquisition and analysis of the latest intelligence and data from our field agents, consultants and cybersecurity specialists. We deploy any necessary resources and specialized personnel to provide a 360°, holographic overview and real-time changes in your business or personal environment:

  • Geopolitical risk
  • Business contingency plan
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Cyber threat monitoring
  • Global investigations
  • Counter surveillance
  • Due diligence
  • Assets and data recovery
  • Financial forensics and fraud investigation
Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The safety and security of our clients and professionals and their livelihood is our paramount goal and top priority. All our professionals are well-trained, are briefed with- and follow the local, national and international regulations. Ombrex Group thrives for professionalism for individuals, companies and G2G and these high standards of professionalism can only be based on ethical and moral behaviour. Our ethical code dictates that moral and legal guidelines must be followed in all our operations to guarantee the security and the safety of our clients and professionals.

“Discretion and confidentiality are imperative in our field, fundamental cornerstones of mutual trust. Ombrex Group will safeguard you, your image, data and privacy.”



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